Advertising support

NSP provides distributors with promotional materials

The NSP trademark provides comprehensive support to partners purchasing and distributing NSP auto parts in the coverage area for free and under the program of co-branding.

These are presentation materials, stimulating promotions with gifts and rewards to increase sales, personal meetings with company management, assistance in holding exhibitions, presentations and advertising campaigns, webinars and conferences with product training and selection of auto parts, souvenirs, BTL-promotions, promo materials.

NSP trademark (Nova Spare Parts) is active on social networks, at exhibitions and in the internet space. Image advertising is placed at points of purchase and in information resources (forums and professional unions).

Representatives of the brand regularly participate in professional conferences and seminars.

Marketing support

Marketing support includes information about partner sites, advertising models, texts and infographics, advice concerning trademark positioning on the partner sites, newsletter, and invitation to events.

Поэтому среди конкурентных предложений других торговых марок наиболее перспективным оказывается предложение бренда NSP - как интенсивно занимающегося рекламным продвижением и развитием.

Therefore, among the competitive offers of competing brands, the most promising is that presented by NSP - a company intensely engaged in advertising promotion and development. Acquaintance with the brand gives final consumers an unconscious sense of security and satisfaction. In short, NSP clearly focuses on the sales growth and welfare of our partners.

Advertising and Equipment

NSP provides distributors with all necessary advertising and informational materials of NSP brand products for business development:

  • posters;
  • brochures;
  • booklets;
  • wobblers;
  • leaflets;
  • souvenirs;
  • demonstration stands

Coalition loyalty program

In some cases, NSP initiates and considers the participation in marketing activities on terms of 50% of the cost of the advertising. It can be a joint participation in exhibitions as exhibitors and sponsors, the organization of joint actions, or popular advertising in varying regions, for example:

  • advertising modules or articles in the media;
  • banners, flags and construction in central streets;
  • advertising on transport;
  • advertising at the gas station and in federal retail auto parts;
  • advertising on Internet portals for the sale of auto parts;
  • contextual advertising;
  • discount cards;
  • and much more...

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