NSP signature style
Principles of use

The NSP brand (Nova Spare Parts) has a well-defined signature style. Use of NSP elements is allowed strictly in accordance with the brandbook in order to develop the sales of products in Russia and the CIS. The brandbook reflects the basic constants, which allows presenting a unity of style in all company products.

NSP logo and company font

The logo, slogan and name of NSP should be easy-to-read and noticeable against a contrasting background. Depending on the object on which the logo is applied, the geographical presence of the company and additional factors, the NSP (Nova Spare Parts) slogan can be changed, as well as written in different languages.

To maintain the company’s signature style, a specific typeface without serifs, developed by Google Inc., is used, and is released under the Apache license. The use of this font is strictly regulated in the layouts of printed materials and image software products of the company.

The logo can be used in conjunction with the slogan and company name. The mutual location of the logo, slogan and company name is strictly regulated and cannot be changed for better presentation.

How to order an NSP brandbook

If the distributors in the regions and authorized dealers want to receive an NSP brandbook, they should contact the marketing department of the company via a feedback form.