The manufacturing of NSP auto components

Photos of the manufacturing process

The manufacturing of NSP products takes place in modern, technologically advanced factories where focus is placed on individual production of components with strictly regulated guidelines.

Professional, trained employees handling high-quality materials work within a safe, efficient environment to ensure our products’ reliability and reputation.

Innovations in development

Work is carried out in cooperation with the design departments and research laboratories for the development of spare parts. Innovative technologies are used to create high-quality details.

Quality control of spare parts

The manufacturing includes a multistage quality control process in all aspects of parts production, and a compulsory final testing.

The full production cycle is carefully monitored from the moment of purchase of raw materials, to warehousing and packaging of the finished products.

Testing in Russia

NSP production is regularly tested in independent laboratories: Autoelectronics Research Institute, the International Test Center of Petrol, Fuel and Lubricants, central scientific automobile and automotive engine research institute NAMI, and others.